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Blue steel bridge structural lifetime extended by Villari





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What we do

Wireless crack detection systems

Villari delivers wireless structural health monitoring technology that our clients use to make data-driven maintenance decisions. We add lifetime to ageing assets in a safe and straightforward manner.

What we do


Continuous wireless monitoring 

Sensor units are installed on the critical locations of the structure: identified cracks, crack indications, or high stress locations. Continuous measurements of the material quality are transmitted wirelessly, stored securely, and analysed by our team of experts.

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Personalised online environment

Results of the analysis are continuously updated in an online environment which shows the overview of the asset, the locations of the sensor units, and the latest status of fatigue crack development in a clear and easy-to-interpret manner. The user can be warned by e-mail or phone if a pre-defined threshold has been crossed.
Continuous data flow to another digital environment through an API available on request.

For who

For whom

Owners of heavily loaded steel structures

Those responsible for the maintenance of bridges or cranes that wish to extend the lifetime of their assets in a safe and responsible way with reduced unscheduled maintenance.


We work with asset owners, maintenance providers, NDT inspection companies, and engineering firms.

Industry cranes

Port cranes


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Feel free to reach out

Do you have questions about our product, it’s applications and specifications, or would you like to receive a quotation?

Please fill out the form below or send an e-mail to: or contact Olivier: +31630464883


Our Sustainable Development Goals contribution

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