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Certified crack detection for steel structures

Villari's permanently installed wireless sensors can elevate your advisory capacities and provide a unique solution to your customers.  

Extending Structural Lifetime

At Villari, we are dedicated to extending the structural lifetime of steel structures in ports, infrastructure, and the steel industry through our certified crack detection technology. Our permanently installed wireless sensors detect even the smallest fatigue cracks in critical locations with magnetic field variations. Become our trusted partner to provide continuous crack detection service, offering crucial information for extended periods. 

Why become a partner

Continuous monitoring solution

Continuous & Accurate Inspection







Why become a partner?

Profit Sharing on attractive and lucrative long-term contracts

Stand Out - Differentiate from other service providers delivering vital insights

Plug and play - Carefree installation and stand-alone system

API Integration available

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How does it work?

Why settle for occasional check-ups when you can have real-time insights? Our permanently installed wireless sensors detect even the smallest fatigue cracks in critical locations with magnetic field variations. 

Continuous Monitoring: Sensors are placed at critical points where cracking is most likely or has already been observed.

Wireless: The sensors register changes and transmit the data to a central system.

Secure Storage and Analysis: Data is securely held and analyzed to identify maintenance needs.

Villari's dashboard of the RedFox v2 sensor system
RedFox v2 Structural Health Monitoring Sensor

It is essential that we seek to innovate and improve our service provision and ensure that our customers have access to technology that can help us deliver these initiatives. Our collaboration with Villari for the supply of Weld Crack Detection equipment is a very welcome addition to our comprehensive range of services

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Why choose continuous wireless monitoring?

Preventive Maintenance




decision making



Jaco van der Schans from IV Consult

"Villari sensors: a perfect extension of our lifespan analyses

Engineering firm Iv successfully applies Villari sensors as a valuable addition to our fatigue calculations and lifespan analyses. Upon completing a lifespan calculation, we identify crucial points in the construction that require attention, and monitoring often proves to be an appealing solution. It's a pleasure to collaborate with the Villari team, who are not only knowledgeable but also flexible in their approach. The dashboard they provide offers us a clear overview of the status of these critical points. This enables us to provide early advice to our clients and, if necessary, schedule repairs as soon as we detect crack formation that we deem high-risk. Furthermore, we have found that using these sensors is often a financially attractive alternative. Frequent inspections, NDT, or local adjustments to the construction are traditional options, but in practice, these often turn out to be more expensive, especially in hard-to-reach locations."

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Use Case

Reactive Placement

Continuously measure crack propagation in order to schedule inspections & repairs

• Detectable crack growth can be both root and toe initiating (sub-surface) cracks

• Extensive documentation available upon request including both laboratory and field results

• Proven algorithm for crack detection, certified by DNV

• Specification sheet available upon request

Picture of a crack in a steel structure
Picture of crack growth in a steel structure
Villari's graph of the RedFox v2 sensor system dashboard

“With the VILLARI crack sensors, we are increasing the reliability of safety-critical equipment such as cranes in the steel industry”.

In steel industry, the number of ageing assets is steadily rising, and these become more heavily and more frequently loaded to increase productivity.  As such the risk of a component failure and a costly production stoppage is increased.  Whilst it is crucial to frequently inspect the condition of the critical areas of the construction, critical locations are often not easily accessible for executing frequent inspections. Sensors can bring continuous updates of such “health” status in an efficient way.  On ageing installations, the development of cracks is a prime source of concern and often these cracks need to be inspected on a regular basis. But the intensity of the loading activity can change and hence the frequency of the inspections, which is hard to plan, especially in difficult to reach areas. Therefore, the maintenance team benefits from digital assistance to cope with this difficult task.   Being experts on steel and metal related applications including their failures, OCAS NV has therefore partnered up with VILLARI.  Their crack sensors are efficient to install and allow a remote monitoring of the activity levels of the cracks through a graphical user interface.  As such the asset owner can adapt the maintenance schedule and intervene at the right time to avoid a breakdown of the installation.   OCAS NV supports its customers in the metal processing industry with industrial asset reliability services on the technical aspects of asset integrity such as failure analysis, material related QA/QC procedures, determination of critical sensor locations plus measurement follow-up, digital twin simulations and fitness-for-purpose calculations towards remaining lifetime of the critical asset.

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Find out how Villari's wireless crack detection systems can improve your services.

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